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Pre-school Physical Development Programmes
  • Fees vary slightly between Franchise areas.
  • Check the Catrobatkidz Poster at the School for Fees, or contact your Catrobatkidz Franchise for fees prior to enrolling.
    Fees are Pro-rata for enrolments during a term.
  • Banking Details are different for each Franchise.
  • Once we have received enrolment your child will be included in the Catrobatkidz class, provided your child's School offers Catrobatkidz.
  • You will receive your Welcome Documents via e-mail.
  • Your Welcome Documents will contain the full fee structure, together with your Initial Statement.
  • Your Statement will contain the banking details and a UNIQUE reference to use for electronic transfers.
Please provide the registration details below:

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Area:  *

If your area does not appear in the above dropdown list, then we
unfortunately do not have a Franchise operating in your area, and are
presently not able to help you. In such event, if you know of anyone
interested in owning a Catrobatkidz Franchise in your area, please ask them
to visit our website.

School Name in Full:  *
School Contact Number:  *
Child's Class / Teacher:  *

If your Child's School does not offer Catrobatkidz, we will contact the school
and enquire as to the possibility of presenting the Catrobatkidz Programme at the School.

Child's First Name:  *
Child's Surname:  *

Correct spelling of name as it is to appear on Annual Certificate

Child's Date of Birth:  * (dd/mm/yy)

Date of Birth required for Specific Age Related Assessments

Parent's Name:  *
Contact Number:  *
E-mail Address:  *

E-mail of person responsible for payment of account

By submitting you give permission for the above named child to attend Catrobatkidz classes. You understand that fees are payable by the 2nd lesson of each term. You irrevocably indemnify the Contractors, Venues and Catrobatkidz cc against any liability whatsoever in respect of any injury which may be sustained by your child as a result of participating in the Catrobatkidz Programme. Each School is allocated a qualified permanent Instructor that will get to know your child personally, and who is dedicated to the progress of each child.

We appreciate the opportunity to teach your child.

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Pre-school Physical Development Programmes
Pre-school Physical Development Programmes
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Head Office Tel: +27 28 272 9069
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