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How Jumping Benefits Children

26 Aug 2021

How Jumping Benefits Children
The Benefits of Jumping

For children who are averse to taking part in sports, jumping works really well by getting a workout without realizing it!

Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular health has become one of the primary concerns in children. Jumping is an important cardiovascular exercise that gives the heart a healthy and organic workout. It helps the blood to circulate properly throughout the body ensuring that oxygen is pumped more efficiently. So, you can encourage your child to do this fun exercise and ensure the proper functioning of their heart, making them feel healthier and more alert. Plus, it is a great way to keep weight down!

Stronger Core Muscles

When children jump, they learn to control the movement of their bodies, which involves virtually all major muscle groups in the body. The core muscles are used to jump and land alike. This is how the core is strengthened. Jumping motions, with simultaneous impact and flex to keep the body going up and landing, allow the joints and muscles to move, strengthening both muscle and bones and increases endurance.

Strong legs can take us very far in life, and children who jump can get the benefits of muscular limbs early on. No more getting tired and begging you to carry them after only half an hour of walking!

Improved Learning

Jumping increases a child’s metabolic rate, helping the child’s body to process nutrients faster and more efficiently. This helps to keep their weight down, leading to a fitter, leaner toned body, which boost self-esteem.

In addition, while jumping, the body produces mood-enhancing substances, that is why children are happy and joyous and find it a fun exercise. Jumping creates a balance in the child’s mind.

With happiness comes an ease of learning. Children who jump regularly tend to be better at study, grasp things easier, and have a sharper memory, improving their learning abilities. Jumping strengthens both the mind and the body!

Motor Planning & Sequencing

Jumping requires continuous motor planning and sequencing - skills that allows us to plan and execute our movements in order to safely navigate our environment. When jumping, the child uses motor planning to judge distance, evaluate how much power is required to jump and land, plan movements, and then execute the jump in the proper sequence.

Strong Lymphatic System

Jumping activates and stimulates the lymphatic system which manages the levels of toxins in the body. When toxins are managed well, it helps keep diseases away and improves the immune system.

Better Co-ordination

Jumping helps children understand their bodies better. They have to concentrate on a number of skills at the same time: bouncing, balancing, maintaining the body’s position, and anticipating the next action.

Both sides of the brain and body have to work together while controlling different muscles and limbs at the same time as one another. This greatly improves, and has a positive impact, on bilateral motor skills and overall coordination.

Weight Loss

Jumping is great to help tackle weight issues and is very helpful with weight loss. Children can do this easy workout and burn a lot of calories on a daily basis. Jumping means a leaner body and more flexibility.

Jumping can burn around 100 calories in only ten minutes – You can do it too!

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