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The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Catrobatkidz

05 Sep 2019

The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Catrobatkidz
Discipline & Confidence
Our trained coaches show the children in their care how to follow the rules and behave properly. This way, they learn patience, discipline and how to get along with their peers.

Along with discipline comes confidence. A child who knows how to behave around others will naturally be more confident. This confidence goes hand-in-hand with self-esteem. At Catrobatkidz, we’ve seen shy children blossom into children who are confident, secure and open to trying new things, all thanks to our amazing coaches.

Listening & Following Directions
As much as Catrobatkidz is about movement and activity, we also teach children how to stop, listen and focus on instructions. The earlier children can learn this skill, the better as it’s one that will serve them both inside and outside of the classroom.

Body Awareness & Co-ordination
If you’re not sure what body awareness is, it’s often described as having a sense of your own body – understanding where each part is located in space and how it feels. This knowledge helps us know how far to reach for a glass or how close to stand next to another person.

At Catrobatkidz, we incorporate exercises and activities that help children develop body awareness and fine-tune their co-ordination. Why is this important? Children with a good body awareness and co-ordination are less likely to hurt themselves when running, climbing or performing other activities.

Rhythm & Timing
Music makes exercise fun and it helps young children develop two other important skills – rhythm and timing. Children respond to music from an early age. In fact, your probably remember how your little one would sway and clap their hands to a favourite song.

Despite their physical response to music, rhythm and timing play an important role in helping children develop emotionally and intellectually. Being ‘in tune’ with the people around you helps you feel connected to them and makes communication easier. We’ve seen the positive effects first hand, which is why music and activities promoting rhythm and timing form part of our programme.

Proper Posture & Flexibility
Evidence of bad posture is all around us. Everywhere you look, you see people hunching over desks, slouching in front of the TV and slumping over their cellphones. As they get older, this can lead to back pain, neck pain and other health issues.

That’s why it’s important that children learn to sit, stand and move with the right posture. At Catrobatkidz, we focus on developing the core muscles that children need to be able to maintain an upright posture and relaxed shoulders at all times.

Flexibility is just as important when it comes to maintaining a healthy, pain-free body because a flexible body is less prone to injury. Although children are naturally more flexible than adults, without maintaining their muscles and joints, they’ll lose this flexibility as they grow up. By instilling a love of movement and exercise from an early age, Catrobatkidz is the ideal choice for parents who want their children to experience exercise as fun and not a chore.

Every type of sport and exercise has its benefits but there are few that manage to combine, physical, mental and emotional advantages the way Catrobatkidz does. If you’re interested in learning more about the programmes we offer, get in touch or ask your child’s school to sign up for a FREE demo class. We love what we do and we’d love to share it with you.

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